The crypto market is already booming in 2018.

January 4, 2018

Bitcoin is having a year. But the future of cryptocurrency goes far beyond.

January 3, 2018

While many haven't heard of the cryptocurrency, Ripple originated in concept as early as 2004 — before Bitcoin even existed.

January 2, 2018

The government hopes the “petro” will help offset the country’s dire financial situation.

December 30, 2017

Ripple is making serious waves, hitting a market cap of $73.6 billion.

December 29, 2017

Israel may go digital in a bid to tackle its black market.

December 28, 2017

"If nobody accepts the technology for payment, then the value would be 0."

December 27, 2017

Bitcoin's pivotal year traces a five-point constellation.

December 24, 2017

The price of Ripple's XRP token passed a dollar for the first time.

December 23, 2017

Experts see a clear trend for the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

December 22, 2017